Monday, 1 August 2011

Be the Change !!

     Gandhi, a man famous for his words, but more importantly his actions once said.


In other words, don't expect others to change the world for you, do it yourself, by being different. 

Other remarkable people through out history have also said or done this same thing, and many amazing things have happened as a result, to share the love that we all have within us. People like Jesus, John Lennon, The Buddah, Martin Luther King, The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Danny Wallace and millions others who have put others before themsleves.

Of course there is much trouble on our planet, because of many complicated issues that continue to be held as important for people/races/ethnesticities/creeds. But if any of this is to bring lasting happiness it needs to stand up to the challenges of their own merits. 

One thing that continually strikes me as obvious, is the desire for people to retain their differences, but not to recognise those of others. We try to divide the planet up into little pieces, where one 'tribe' or another can practice their own brand of reality, whilst not accepting that the Earth was not created with fences and boarders. I believe that is because, this earth is created for everyone. The Earth belongs to the WHOLE human race, not just the select few, who have managed to sequester for themselves the 'rights' to more than is reasonable. I am not promoting anarchy nor any violence to rectify this wrong, but I am asking for a sense of balance to be restored to the entire planet and the human family.

For this reason, I have permanently adopted the name that better expresses who I want to be. From now on I am officially.


I pray that I can honour the name and reflect the power of the example set to me, by so many wonderfully peaceful warriors throughout history and those alive still.

Hugs and Love.


Here is a wonderful example of this, I found by accident a few days ago.

Go MC Yogi...xx

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